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Juma is able to attack his target—which turns out to be the White House—and Jack, Bill and Taylor find themselves held hostage.Although Jack plans to save the hostages by sacrificing himself, Bill Buchanan does this instead, saying that a dangerous conspiracy still remains and that Jack is the only person he trusts to unravel it.During the assault, they rescue Matobo and destroy the CIP device but Dubaku escapes. During the rescue, Henry Taylor suffers a gunshot wound from which he eventually recovers.Dubaku attempts to manipulate President Taylor by kidnapping Henry Taylor but Jack and Renee find the First Gentleman by interrogating a U. With Dubaku on the run, Walker and Bauer are able to find him with the help of his girlfriend Marika.Jack learns that he is dying and tries to see the operation through to the end before he dies.He has an emotional meeting with his daughter Kim and tells Kim that he does not want her to try to save him with stem cells.

Jack Bauer is on trial for alleged crimes he committed while working for CTU.When Jack tries to get further information out of Burnett, a mercenary arrives who kills Burnett and frames Bauer for the murder. Senator Mayer, Jack kills Quinn and learns the location of a bioweapon that just arrived from Sangala.When Jack escapes, he learns that the mercenary, John Quinn, works for Starkwood—a defense contractor with an interest in developing bioweapons—led by a man named Jonas Hodges. He and Tony initiate a raid, which results in Tony's capture by Starkwood.Jack drives the weapon away from the port but is delayed when he stops to seal one of the leaking canisters.This not only exposes him to the pathogen but allows Starkwood to recapture it as well.

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