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The 3Doodler can only use 3 mm filaments, not the 1.75 mm filaments readily and cheaply available on Amazon for other pens. plus shipping buys you 41 feet of 3 mm filaments with a 3-6 week shipping time from Hong Kong.Choose from our changeable Nozzle Set for Doodling in different shapes and sizes, the portable Jet Pack, our Project Book packed with 26 unique step-by-step projects, or the Doodle Pad Doodling surface which is perfect for tracing or freehand creation.

I can't say everyone will have the same experience, but if you come up with ideas within the realm of what the 3Doodler can do, amazing results will follow.

Starting with our first Kickstarter campaign, we have always put community front and centre.

Hundreds of thousands of units later, it's thrilling to see what users have been doing with the 3Doodler, and how they have shared with and inspired each other (and us! Their creations are all over social media sites and on our website, and extend from craft and design, through to innovative hacks and fixes, and into a never ending array of educational uses.

It's easy to hold and manipulate and the instructions are clear.

BUT, THIS PEN IS EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE TO USE, and replacement filaments are hard to obtain.

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Expedited shipping is very expensive and will double the $20 price.

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