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Seduced by Lotaria against your better judgment, you and she get tangled up with rolls of printout covering the floor.

The printouts contain the story you desperately want to finish, which Lotaria has entered into the computer.

The multicolored wires now grind out the dust of dissolved words: the the, of of of of, from from from from, that that that that, in columns according to their respective frequency.

But now a new phase intervenes in which the words are rendered through binary digits encoded in electro-magnetic polarities that, eluding the unaided human eye, seem frighteningly vulnerable to the vagaries of computer maladies, from viruses to system crashes.

What difference does it make to books (and it is books I speak of, not texts) that they go from durable inscription surfaces to inaccessible and physically precarious polarities?

All but a handful of the books produced this year will be digitized during some phase of their existence.

In former days, book production took words through forms of inscription that were physically evident and visibly apparent--from manuscript to typescript, typescript to galleys, galleys to book.

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Rather, it emerges from the patterns--metaphorical, grammatical, narrative, thematic and textual--that the parts together make.

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