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“He’s very cute,” said Frankel of Shields, who looked on adoringly as the Bravo star worked the event. He’s supporting me — he’s here, which speaks for itself.” That being said, Frankel’s message is loud and clear: “It’s about women’s independence versus being defined by relationships, which is exactly the opposite of the message of B Strong,” she said.“Men can be wonderful partners, but they don’t define us. Now, The Real Housewives Of New York star and Skinnygirl mogul is suing Jason for full custody of 7-year old Bryn.The couple currently share custody, but communicate exclusively through third parties.

That is my priority.” According to Frankel, if a woman’s success intimidates her partner, “then they’re not the right men.” “What this is about is not dumbing yourself down for a man — not being weaker and meeker for a man,” she said. Well, he thinks being with a woman as strong and independent as Frankel is “unbelievable.” “It’s great,” he told PEOPLE, adding that the two will “probably” be spending the holidays together.

On December 6th, Bethenny reportedly “reopened her 2013 divorce case” against Jason in order to seek altered custody arrangements, however the parents won’t appear in court until January.

In January of 2017, Jason was charged with aggravated harassment in the first degree, harassment in the second degree and stalking in the fourth degree after a complaint was filed that said “Hoppy had sent numerous emails and Face Time calls numbering in the hundreds after a cease and desist letter was sent on November 22, 2016.

RELATED: Court Drama Continues For Bethenny Frankel And Jason Hoppy Over Stalking Charges Jason was slapped with two more counts of stalking after he rejected a plea deal last summer that required him to attend anger management.

At the court proceeding, Judge Chu instructed Jason, “That means you have to stay away from her and [refrain] from making outreach to her. ”Though Bethenny has not spoken about the details of her divorce case on RHONY, she often alludes to the “torture” of dealing with her ex.

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We can save ourselves.” And despite claiming she was in “dating purgatory” earlier this week, Frankel was joined at the Wednesday event by her boyfriend, New York banker Dennis Shields.

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