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She knows that if Walt is asking her for the names of those nine legacy employees (plus the lawyer), as he is at their cafe meeting, Mike must be dead.She also knows that if she gives him that list, she will be dead too.“I’ve got eight other assholes just like you.” Those words are going to sting later!In a seedy Albuquerque motel, Walt is negotiating a deal with Todd’s contract-killer uncle.Nine murders in multiple prisons within two minutes — that’s what Heisenberg wants.And as is usual, Heisenberg gets what he wants, resulting in a bloody montage of prison killings.But Hank, high on confidence, walks out on the deal.

If you are the writer of any of these scripts, and want me to take them down; no need for unpleasantness: just email me.It’s a keen, appropriately timed reference to the love-it-or-hate-it hour from the third season called “Fly.” (it’s one of my and many others’ personal favorites, but when you search “breaking bad the fly,” Google suggests “breaking bad the fly worst episode” as the second autofill result.) In that introspective bottle episode, Walt and Jesse are trying to control a pest in their underground superlab, but they wind up engaging in a deep dissection of their moral behavior and asking themselves why they still do what they still do — and what their appropriate punishments should be.It hits home a point about irrational obsession — Walt refuses to work until the fly is dead — and by now, Walt’s meth business is exactly that.However, scripts are not always easy to get hold of (especially when you live five and a half thousand miles away from L. So I am asking; if you would like to contribute - anonymously or otherwise - to a site that has been called "an absolute gold mine" (John August) and "a great site" (Ellen Sandler) then please send any scripts you may have for upcoming or classic shows to [email protected] promise not to post scripts for upcoming pilots until the show has aired, and anyone who sends me anything will of course have my undying gratitude.

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