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A team of ten people collected data in six weeks, and produced a 25-page report with clear recommendations, which were broadly accepted by the government and the international agency.The project, concerning integrated rural development, was finally implemented.Finally, he and his colleague, helped by two assistants, conducted "full social, economic and attitudinal surveys" with a sample of 20 settlements.

The first step is to describe accurately and meaningfully the systems that exist.Thus the term rapid appraisal does not refer to a single technique but to a range of investigation procedures.Their chief characteristics are that they take only a short time to complete, tend to be relatively cheap to carry out and make use of more 'informal' data collection procedures.The nature of RRA is such that it holds the promise of overcoming these and other limitations of marketing research.First, an attempt is made to define Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) and to define the tools upon which the approach depends.

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