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The Rus- sians thereupon despatched a number of armed forces to Caucasia, and cal- RUSSIAN COIN OF GEORGIA 286 — ling" on the Christians received the help of the Georgians and Armenians under'General Madatoff, an Armenian of Qara-bagh, Abbas-Mirba's army was easily driven off and the city of Tabriz in Azerbaidjan surrendered unconditionally to the "mules of the Russian army.^' By the treaty of Turkmen-tchai 1828, Persia gave up the Khan- ates of Erivan and Nakhitchevan, their sole remaining possessions on the left bank of the Araxes.

This resulted in delivering from Moslem rule the ''Rome of the Armenians," Etchmiadzin, the residence of the Catholicos Nerses of Ashharac who as the leader of his Armenians had given the Russians his support.

This shot was captured almost exactly for 25 years ago when i was in Asia for the first time.

Regards, Danos Hello my dear friend Boa Kristiansson and have a nice time you said that you chose an old picture from Calcutta but I love shots of this kind bringing memories from the past a usual scenery from the daily life very exotic and beautiful in your eyes welldone and wellseen regards Costantino Hej Boa, Det r alltid lika verraskande att se dig tillbaka hr. Har du inte varit ute och rest de senaste veckorna? Du har fngat en ganska typisk Calcuttavy, s typisk att den r nstan omjlig att identifiera. Det r inte direkt vackert, nd ger bilden ett visst sug att komma tillbaka dit en gng till fr gatulivets och trngselns och atmosfrens skull.A beautiful view on the confusion of Calcutta 25 years ago,maybe now isn't better in the streets...ehehe..excellent work,you scan very well the old kodachrome,i like it! WArm regrads MAlgo Hi Boa, It is 'Bentinck Street' near Esplanade. Excellent presentation of the bustling street life in an Indian metropolis. Best regards, Paul Hello Boa, This is an interesting oldie with lots of action. Even I was surprised a bit because the area has changed a bit in looks.Have a nice day and thanks, Luciano Hello Boa, Like Gert, you show us archive exotic photo. Yes, you are correct , this is not far from Howrah Bridge. I especially like the old blue car, and the ad on top promising a free cassette with each purchase. Everything takes us to India, here, the tuk tuks, the cinema posters, the wires, the busy streets. Its Bentinck Street in central Calcutta and Howrah Bridge is around 3 km from here. The hotel still stands there,but the tram line does not exist here anymore.In Europe also the Russian ar- TREATY OF mles were equally victorious and were threatening Con- ADRIANOPLE stantlnople.The Western Powers, however, opposed the subordination of the Ottoman Empire, and by the treaty of Adrlanople (1829) Russia was allowed to keep only the prov- inces of Anapa, Potkl, Akhalkalaki and Akhaltslkhe, and had to restore to Turkey the greater part of her Eastern conquests. They had generously compromised themselves on Russia's behalf, and now were thrown back again into their former servitude to masters who would certainly not forgive their devotion to the Russians.

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7jra'tit oi Vasso:// RUSSIA'S ADVANCES INTO ARMENIA (1797-1916) pire ever since. The Qara-bagh district did not gain independence, it is true, but it was thereafter administered by Christian governors and forever rescued from Moslem persecution.

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