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These are the family values I grew up with, one where both genders had the opportunity to redefine their roles and weren’t pigeonholed by outdated societal standards.The reality that my brother’s future wife is in a position where her freedom is constrained by someone who is not flexible with a woman’s role in a partnership is why I am uncomfortable with him wedding this 23-year-old woman.

My brother pursued dating overseas because, according to him, American women are only after a man’s money, and if they aren’t at the beginning, they will be during the divorce.

A product of our home environment, back then he didn’t subscribe to the ideology that a woman’s role was limited to looking pretty while staying at home and cooking and taking care of the children while simultaneously servicing a husband.

As his little sister, he strove to make me into a multidimensional, cultured individual outside the gender-defining confines of Mattel Barbie dolls, .

My niece was born two days after Election Night, and I continually pray that she never be homeschooled, as is his plan.

He’d already begun speaking with his future wife via an international dating site when word came of the pregnancy.

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Despite what radical conservatives like my brother believe, me being a career-focused single female does not make me a man-hating socialist unknowingly oppressed by the propaganda of the feminist movement.

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