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Mac Donald explained his side of the story as they went through the list of concerns.

Mac Donald, who was secretly recording, later released an audio recording and a transcription of the conversation.

And then there were people like me: academically obsessed library dwellers who got a feverish aura about them whenever the drug was mentioned.

The number of coeds misusing Adderall has reached epidemic proportions — and not just in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Soon after, Mac Donald found himself summoned into Browning’s office.

“A disregard for truthseeking principles from a philosopher is something that should not be tolerated by people who care about the truth,” Mac Donald said in an email. A disregard of this kind creates long-lasting implications that negatively affect the future of human knowledge.” Professor Eve Browning, chair of the philosophy department who had the conversation with Mac Donald, declined to comment to , which first reported on this incident, Mac Donald made the comments as he spoke to a peer who mentioned she was a Christian engaged to a Muslim.

Adults have long been underdiagnosed and missing out on the benefits medication can offer, including increased focus and mental clarity.

Still, it's estimated only 4 to 5 percent of American adults have ADHD.

Can you be called into a campus administrator’s office and chastised for telling peers that in some countries, gay people are executed in the name of Islam? At least, that’s what happen to grad student Alfred Mac Donald within the philosophy department at University of Texas at San Antonio.

Mac Donald, who is bisexual, is telling his story now after transcribing an audio recording of a lengthy conversation he had with his superior last fall.

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