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That would have required a certain interest in another’s opinion’.

Her daughter is, nevertheless, still commendably able to appreciate the unique artistry, the legend of Marlene that remains: ‘The shimmering look, the incredible body, the hypnotic gaze from beneath those famous hooded lids,’ in films such as The Blue Angel, Shanghai Express and The Devil Is A Woman.

‘No human flaw must ever be permitted to mar the perfection of the legend that was Marlene Dietrich.’Maria exacts her revenge now in spades, as she lifts the lid on her mother’s final decades as a bedridden recluse in Paris, ‘her legs withered, her hair chopped short haphazardly in drunken frenzies, her teeth blackened and cracked’.

You feel she relishes describing Marlene Dietrich as ‘a pathetic creature’.

Today she remains a stalwart of the female impersonators and transvestites, when they drawl: ‘Falling in love again, what am I to do? She was born in 1901 in Berlin, the daughter of a Prussian officer, Louis Erich Otto Dietrich, killed on the Eastern Front in World War I.

Her mother Josephine was, says Riva, ‘a cold woman, set in her ways, given to commands, dictums’.

Marlene was to be little different temperamentally, though she was more artistic.

She went to the Max Reinhardt Acting Academy, determined to become ‘a famous actress of the theatre’.

She flashed her long legs in plays and cabarets, and particularly enjoyed the elaborate costumes — a fantasy world to be contrasted with the prevailing poverty and inflation of the Weimar Republic.

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