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She was a murder victim believed to be from somewhere else whose badly decayed remains offered too few hints about her identity long before DNA science and other forensic methods became widely available.On the day before Thanksgiving last year, Todd Matthews, a onetime factory worker from Livingston, Tennessee, stood in the frigid morning air near the grave, waiting for the Kentucky State Police and a local coroner to arrive with shovels and pickaxes.This work was created by a government unit (including state, county, and municipal government agencies) of the State of California and is subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.It is a public record that was not created by an agency which state law has allowed to claim copyright and is therefore in the public domain in the United States. "All public records are subject to disclosure unless the Public Records Act expressly provides otherwise." County of Santa Clara v. California Government Code section 6254 lists categories of documents not subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act.

“I went for a long time thinking, ‘I can’t do anything until the judge sends down an order,’ ” Bianchi said.

“I was born in 1969, the year her body was discovered,” she said. Kentucky law didn’t provide him with much guidance, however.

State statutes say only that coroners can conduct an exhumation if “a person who is dead and buried died from poisoning or other illegal cause.” They say nothing about whether he could dig up someone in pursuit of clues to determine an identity.

“Mountain Jane Doe,” who was found stabbed to death, was buried in a small hillside cemetery in Harlan, Ky., in 1969. Credit: Jeremiah Flemming and Sean Tannassee/Aerial Cinematography for Reveal HARLAN, Ky.

– There’s no easy way to reach the wooded hillside with an excavator, so the plan is to dig her up by hand, one spade of Kentucky dirt at a time.

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