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Better than 90% of former MWDs are adopted by their handlers. Can our company or business adopt a dog and use it for security work or detection work?All dogs that are transferred to Law Enforcement Agencies are done so with a contractual agreement which stipulates that the dog belongs to the department.The records and dog are usually available shortly after the noon hour on this second day.Bring a leash, suitable collar and your driver’s license.As we schedule each month’s appointments we’ll start with the oldest applications first.Those who decline a scheduled appointment will be removed from the list of applications.The Do D representative responsible for placing the dog retains the choice as to the fitness of any retired dog for any home or agency. Keep in mind that quite often former handlers, with priority rights under Public Law, adopt their former comrades. All our Military Working Dogs are trained at Lackland Air Force Base and then sent to operational units throughout the DOD.

About 30 days before your appointment you should receive a courtesy phone call or email seeking confirmation of your appointment and indicating information needed for a base pass, if it is required.

You will need a current driver’s license, proof of vehicle insurance, and current registration.

Once you arrive at the kennel facility, we’ll show dogs that are well suited to your interest/ability and home-life.

Your application will be kept on file in order of the date of receipt.

If questions arisewhen going over your application we will usually email or telephone you for clarification.

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