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The fact that there were other people out there who had these fantasies, that it was not just fodder for erotica, but actually a reality…

well, that was a revelation that just about blew off the top of her skull.

It’s okay to have only a sense of what you want — just remember that your partner can’t know till you know.

Getting what you want in any avenue of life involves risk. Over a drink, on a walk, or on the subway, say a thing or two that you love about your sex or sensuality together.

This outstanding resource is the book I wished had been around when I first started lingering over the leather goods and looking for action.

And, if you follow the energy instead of your critical mind, you won’t have to figure out what to do next. On the contrary, you are proving yourself to be a trusted lover who is committed to having connected, hot sex. And though it looks as if the person who is meting out the roughness is in power, that is just the opposite of what’s happening., editor Tristan Taormino writes, “This book is for everyone who dares to expand their erotic desires beyond the ordinary.” What is ordinary, of course, shifts according to where you are standing.But even people with more complicated sex and/or kink lives should find something to take away.If you feel happy and full of laughter, let it out; if the sensation brings up sadness, or fear, talk it out (or cry it out) with your top.Our bodies have their own memories; it’s not uncommon for sex and kink (especially when they push our previously conceived limitations) to tap into some of those memories.

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