La noche de los cristales rotos online dating ich suche eine frau kostenlos Bottrop

227 acknowledgment ENGLISH-SPANISH admiration the wedding presents yet. acquaint ° to be acquainted conocerse Are you two acquainted? Todavía no han dado las gracias por los regalos de boda.

afford tener con que comprar / really can't afford to buy this dress. ▲ convenir He can't afford to have his reputation hurt. ▲ proporcionar The trip afforded us the opportunity of seeing the country. El hombre caminaba delante y la mujer venía detrás. Venga cuando quiex-a des- 229 afternoon ENGLISH-SPANISH ajar pues de las nueve.

across al otro lado de The restaurant's across the street.

° to take action tomar medidas Has any action been taken on my case?

— There's an air of mystery about the whole affair. • [v] ventilar, airear Would you please air the room while I'm out? hacer el favor de ventilar el cuarto mientras estoy fuera?

230 alarm ENGLISH-SPANISH along alarm [w] alarma What was that alarm for?

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Durante su gobierno se promulgaron muchas leyes nuevas.

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