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The film is notable for its lush photography, which features frequent segues between full color, black-and-white, and sepia-toned shots, and for its memorable musical score by Francis Lai.

A Man and a Woman had a total of 4,272,000 admissions in France and was also the 6th highest-grossing film of the year.

Of the 273 cars that started the race, only 42 were able to finish, including Jean Louis's white Mustang, number 145.

Watching the television coverage of the conclusion of the race, Anne sends Jean-Louis a telegram that reads, "Bravo! Anne." That night at a dinner for the drivers at the Monte Carlo Casino, Jean-Louis receives the telegram and leaves immediately.

A young widow, Anne Gauthier (Anouk Aimée), is raising her daughter Françoise (Souad Amidou) alone following the death of her husband (Pierre Barouh) who worked as a stuntman and who died in a movie set accident that she witnessed.

Still working as a film script supervisor, Anne divides her time between her home in Paris and Deauville in northern France where her daughter attends boarding school.

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Clearly attracted to each other, they enjoy a pleasant Sunday lunch with their children who get along well.

Later that afternoon they go for a boat ride followed by a walk on the beach at sunset.

A young widower, Jean-Louis (Jean-Louis Trintignant), is raising his son Antoine (Antoine Sire) alone following the death of his wife Valerie (Valerie Lagrange) who committed suicide after Jean-Louis was in a near fatal crash during the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Still working as a race car driver, Jean-Louis divides his time between Paris and Deauville where his son also attends boarding school.

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) is a 1966 French film written and directed by Claude Lelouch and starring Anouk Aimée and Jean-Louis Trintignant.

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