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”, any anime fan or creator will likely point towards their digital compositing.

Ufotable productions blend 3D backgrounds, elaborate VFX and 2D animation to create exciting scenes that impress f...― The High School Dx D franchise has become the current standard-setter for harem series, especially action-oriented ones with supernatural elements, so the appearance of imitators in that sphere is hardly a surpri...

Inuyashiki Last Hero managed to adapt its entire source manga in just 11 episodes, but its twists and turns resulted in some divisive takes. The Sword Art Online give-away i...― Piotr asked: I am a big fan of space opera.

We get into their own tumultuous feelings on the creator of Gantz's latest story.― Welp, we are officially a week and a half into 2018. And for years I've been wondering why this genre seems not to be animated much anymore?

I exactly got what I expected, so I did enjoy everything. You can watch this movie even if you're not really familiar with the serie but I do recommend at least listening to 1-2 drama CDs to get to know the characters a little bit so that you can enjoy more of it.

Through Charlie's magic, she time-travels to the Meiji era in Tokyo, where she meets and falls in love with various great historical figures from that time period.

En même temps je pense que c'est fait exprès les filles comme ça qui n'ont aucun sens de réflexion car si elle réagissait à chaque geste que font les garçon il ne se passerait pas grand chose... J'espère comme à chaque fois que la fille ne va pas être cucul et idiote, comme dans la majorité des harems inversés.

I was quite curious what exactly they'd come up with and how they'd put everything together, but let me say this, it was the right choice of theirs to create an original story leaving most of the details behind. They did give a little bit of the details, same as the beginning of the game, however, that was all, nothing way too specific.

In the end he offers them to pay for the transportation home.

This is where Mei asks if 1000 yen would be okay, which wasn't of course, because back in the day 1000 yen would cost her 3 meals of beef bowl a day for at least 18 years. The story starts after they want to give back the money because it was too much.

Edit/Note: The 2nd movie exactly continues from where the 1st movie has ended. They used the re-arranged version of the original OST for the beginning which was delightful to listen.

They did also use from the original OST when Mei encountered the characters and the BGM would change in a second. For ex: normal BGM BGM changes dramatically Other than that, it was pleasurable.

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Mei Ayazuki, se retrouve du jour au lendemain, transportée à l'ère Meiji. Alors qu'elle allait être arrêtée, un célèbre écrivain, Mori Ôgai, se fait passer pour son fiancé.

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