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So in that sense I feel that as long as things fall together coherently, it’s alright.

I think the way musicians make a living will change even more in the years ahead.

The band members and I decided that we might as well take advantage of this opportunity to play different songs from our usual set. It’s a 60-minute version, but it wasn’t edited to simply be shorter: A lot of small changes have been made.

In the movie, I said something like, "I’ll do it until my body breaks down," then this happened.

As the most successful rock band in Japanese music, the band pioneered the Japanese rock movement “Visual-Kei.” This breaking with traditional Japanese pop music led to the group selling over 30 million records and selling out Japan’s famous Tokyo Dome a record 18 times.

At the height of their popularity and success, the band broke up in 1997, only to reform ten years later.

"We have too much drama..."The genial, engaging voice of Yoshiki Hayashi, drummer-pianist-songwriter of Japanese rock icons X, softens and dissipates as if he's pausing to shake his head on the other end of the phone line.

We've been talking about this Saturday's show at Madison Square Garden, only the second his band – now known worldwide as "X Japan" – have ever played in New York City.

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