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But it was a woman and her brash language piqued my interest. Oh, I see," I stumbled, deciding to play along to see where this was going. My wife jerked her head around to look at me through narrowed eyes. " "Fingering my wet pussy and thinking about your big delicious cock shooting hot, cum on my tits and face! I almost laughed aloud, thinking that I should probably hang up. Even if the updates are few and far between, the archives are here for others to enjoy.

"Ooooh, Daddy, my pussy feels sooooo good right now! The sensual mood was gone, temporarily at least, but it was worth it for the laugh. **** About five minutes later Tom's phone vibrated with a text message: I JUST stopped laughing. Call me when you're at the hotel and I'll make it up to you. He smiled and shook his head, still amazed that she bothered to text in full sentences with proper grammar. He hit send, knowing that she would smile and shake her head at the shortcuts. He's in the bathroom right now, so I've got a few minutes to talk. Not that I'm actually complaining." "Well, hello, handsome," she said. And then, because there's just no time to mess around tonight, I would reach back down with my left hand to cradle your balls again, while I let go of your ass with my right hand to bring it around to the front to grip your shaft." Her voice was husky. The skin is like velvet, and it's so damn hard underneath.**** Liz picked up the phone and heard Tom's deep voice rumble on the other end, "Hey, gorgeous. Her voice was playful and low, and somehow it felt like she was breathing directly into his left ear. I would rub my thumb all over the head, spreading the precum. I'd rub it in a circle with my thumb, all around the head of your hard cock." She heard the shower turn on."So, I would start stroking you, and I know you're thinking 'handjob' because hey, phone sex. "And then I would swallow." There was a loud clatter as the phone dropped into the tub.But this is my fantasy, so I would kneel down in front of you and pull your clothing down far enough to be able to get my tongue to run up the entire length of the underside of your cock from the base to the tip." She heard a soft groan, and a gasp for air. Three times." Another gasp, and a whisper, "Shit." "And then I would flatten my tongue against the underside of the head of your hard cock, and press you against the roof of my mouth, and I would suck." A quiet strangled groan, one of her favorite sounds. Tom put his left hand on the back wall of the shower stall to keep from falling over as the spasms of his orgasm tore through him one after the other.

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I think you know just what I want." I said, trying to sound matter of fact.

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