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Much of the moisture from the Pacific is blocked by the Sierra Madre Oriental.

Therefore, most of the moisture derives from the Gulf of Mexico.

There are no urban areas on either side of this bridge.

As Laredo sometimes undergoes drought, a water conservation ordinance was implemented in 2003.

Nuevo Laredo is a lucrative drug corridor because of the large volume of trucks that pass through the area, and the multiple exploitable ports of entry.

Nuevo Laredo is the base of Los Zetas, originally the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel; the two organizations separated in early 2010 and have been fighting for the control of the smuggling routes to the United States.

Every graduate gets a bachelor's degree (Licenciatura or Ingenieria).

Some of these universities also offer postgraduate studies.

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The municipality has an area of 1,334.02 km² (515.07 sq mi). It is the largest inland port in Mexico, just as its counterpart across the border is the busiest inland port (bridge crossing) in the United States.

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