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Yeah, this one," as the video cuts off and picks back up to when the door opens again. "Come out," said one officer as Shortey is hiding behind the door. Couldn’t graduate high school and was trying to get his life on track." Shortey wasn't arrested that evening, but the call spawned a wide-ranging investigation that lead to Shortey being charged with child prostitution in Cleveland County, eventually leading to his resignation from the Oklahoma State Senate. "But listen, whatever you're doing, it's a bad [expletive] idea. "Now you’re getting me worried, show me your hands." Shortey answered the door in a white t-shirt with the words Ephesians , a bible verse, written on it, as well as "now go make me a sandwich" written below an image of a sandwich. "I can’t," one officer replies, almost incredulously, "But I can convince you that he is. " "We were just hanging out, talking about life and stuff," Shortey replied. Those state charges were later dropped after federal prosecutors charged Shortey with child sex trafficking and child pornography in September. The bible verse is in reference to women submitting to their husband's will, as they do to the Lord. I can put you in handcuffs and throw you in the back of car." Officers - who at the time did not know Shortey was a seated state senator - asked him why he was inside the hotel room with a teen boy that smelled of marijuana. Shortey pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking last week and a sentencing hearing is pending. Χρησιμοποιείς αυτή τη στιγμή την έκδοση Flash της συζήτησης.Διαθέτει τα πλήρη χαρακτηριστικά και βελτιστοποίησή τους.The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?

The library, housed in a beautiful Victorian Gothic building in Evansville, is nestled gloriously near the downtown area of this southwestern Indiana city of 130,000 people, providing a sharp contrast with the modern high-rises and six-lane freeways.

Για να γίνετε premium (ΧΡΥΣΟ) μέλος εφ' όρου ζωής και να ξεκλειδώσετε αυτή τη δυνατότητα, το μόνο που έχετε να κάνετε είναι να αγοράσετε ένα οποιοδήποτε ποσό μάρκες για μία φορά!

Lizzie changed her story in the inquest many times. then she said she was reading magazines, then she was out in the barn.

Het is mogelijk direct na opname je video te publiceren op You Tube en Google Street View.

Pour des dialogues sympas avec des hommes et des femmes de divers horizons.

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