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We are proactively interested in protecting minors from gaining access to this site. Our VIRTUAL COMMUNITY does not believe that exploring human sexuality via bondage and other forms of BDSM to be obscene or otherwise pornographic.Much to the contrary, we believe that BDSM is an alternative form of lovemaking, rich in artistic and educational value, although it is often viewed by those with limited sexual experience and education as being risque or otherwise outside social norms." 5.There are really no sound effects here to help with the illusion of electricity, and one of the weaknesses of the film first becomes apparent here: Lomp or whoever directs is generally very good at pacing. It appears that the electricity is turned on and just left running by the deadpan mistress for 4-5 minutes.

JD: great fake with Bib Fortuna (Jabba's right-hand man) and Eve-9D9 (the robot torturer) interrogating Leia. Interesting thought: Jabba tells her to be his slave, or he turns her over to the the third-most wanted in the Empire, after Mon Mothma (the head of the Rebel Alliance), and her brother Luke. In answer to the poll question, I first found this forum because an (online) friend of mine told me about it. Well, Fritz old boy, you've fallen for my little April Fools joke.

I don't think he has ever posted much here, but I know he's a great fan of you guys. If that was on the cover of a MAM over fifty years ago, why didn't the world end? As you can see, the publisher just cropped off the bottom of the painting for publication. If you look closely at the back leg of the girl tied to the post, you can see that it is very strangely angled.

I know it's been awhile since I posted last, but things have been really busy for me which have included a move from New Zealand to Australia. This doesn't look like a Photoshop mod, and if it truly made it to the cover, it would be the only one of hundreds I've seen that featured… There was some occasional toplessness accompanying the stories inside, but this? The note was presumably a comment on that artistic FUBAR.

Good thing the new board is able to hold a bigger barrel of bygone posts or slow-pokes like me would miss out on goodies from just a few days ago. there are archives, but who wants to go through archives? And with so much going on, the majority still prefers the non-threaded layout? Can't be good when you're being attacked by three Maoists with knives and swords. But if that is indeed Fortunato standing next to a cask of…

Good grief – I thought only the GIMPs were allowed to be masochists around here. something, as a lifelong Edgar Allan Poe fan, I want to see more.

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