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From his father's hideout, he gets gear, a blaster, and a Mecha Beast, which he names "Lucky." He meets Pronto, a proud and knowledgeable molenoid tracker, who convinces Eli to let him join his team.On the road, he meets Beatrice "Trixie" Sting, who saves him from a rogue slugslinger.When one of the Tazerlings backfires, shocking its slinger, Eli fires Burpy and wins the round.

With Eli keeping him busy, Burpy talks one of Stockers slugs to switch with the Enigmo and Stocker hits Eli with the slug and fix his vision.In the qualification round of the tournament, Eli duels Shockwire, a powerful slinger who uses only Tazerling slugs.When the two fight, Eli (armed with only Flopper slugs and Burpy) waits for Shockwire to overwork his slugs.When they duel a second time, Burpy hits Stocker, knocking him back into one of his own cages.Eli and Burpy find their friends and start to ride home.

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