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The App offers a wide range of music and special selection called ‘Ibiza 2017‘ and ‘Sonar 2017‘.

According to an article on the ‘Electronic Beats’ website, the aim of this App is quite simple: Depending on your preferences, users can easily switch from one track to another, or from one artist to another, like everyone does on Tinder… Refine can also sync up with music streaming services as Spotify and Sound Cloud – definitely worth to check it out!

Match has more than 23.5 million members, and you can narrow down your dating preferences as much as you want, including musical interests and lifestyle habits.

Whatever the manual is, though, we found this site that seems to have quite a few of them posted online lately.

What this means is that you have a kind of library of dating, so to speak, that can really give you well-written and interesting manuals and dating advice online when you need it, and that is something else that’s also appreciated by us.

A brand new App dedicated to social media and clubbing lovers!

Very similar to Tinder’s, Refine App uses an algorithm that allows you to select and eventually ‘match with‘ your preferred style of techno, house, tech house and, instead of ‘swiping on’ pictures of girls and guys, you will swipe right and left on the songs you like!

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