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“Howard Hughes, CIA, and the Incredible Glomar Explorer.” December 1996. Memorandum for the Record, Washington, July 1, 1974. Memorandum for the Record, Operator Matador, 40 Committee Meeting, January 22, 1975. ] Meeting,"March 19, 1975, a.m., Secret, Excised copy, Gerald R. National Security Adviser--Memoranda of Conversation, box 10, March 19, 1975—Ford, Schlesinger, Colby, Buchen, Marsh, Rumsfeld. National Security Adviser, Staff Assistants: Peter W.

And they’re not just bugging hotel rooms in Prague.“I don’t see any handcuffs,” he said, to which a Delta operator replied, “We don’t have handcuffs. It’s not my job to arrest people.” This was a major factor in the FBI embracing the need for its own counter-terrorist team—while the skill set was similar to Delta, the mission required a civilian, criminal justice mindset. When you think CIA, you think James Bond and microfilm.But you don’t really think of an agency whose sole purpose is to get up real close and use the best technology there is to listen and transmit.

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The idea of an elite unit was an anathema to the FBI’s core identity, that of Special Agents equally capable in any situation.

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