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There are many different variants, such as an applet or standalone application.Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble getting it working.The client may be good, but it’s definitely not packaged in a very user friendly manner.For example, the “embedded IRC applet” comes with a Word file describing the 14 step installation process which also requires you to run an IRC server or relay on your web server.We assume you are a reasonably competent webmaster and know the meaning of words like Perl, CGI, Java, IP, and hostname. Compared to Whiplash, the biggest differences are that JPilot includes identd (although some people report problems getting it to work on some servers, it worked for me on my first try) and it allows users to connect using their own hostname.You should also be fairly experienced with IRC and know about things like identd, K-lines, and clones. CGI: IRC looks remarkably like a real GUI IRC program, including tabs for channels, userlist and options. Best of all, the user connects with their own IP instead of yours, so abusers can be effectively controlled just as if they were using a real IRC program on their own PC. No weird firewall or security dialog windows to deal with. In other words, once your visitor downloads the small applet, they are no longer taking up your web servers’s system resources and they do not get your web server’s hostname in any trouble due to cloning etc.In particular many problems were reported with Mac MSIE.

The second approach is to provide a web gateway for people to access your channel indirectly.The visitor will enjoy his chatting experience more, which means he will likely stick around, unlike most web chat visitors who just try it out and move on when they get frustrated with the inevitable lag, crashes, or ugly appearance of most web chat clients.Most importantly, you won’t go crazy trying to help people debug the web clients, which can misbehave unpredictably depending on the user, OS, or browser.This way even newbies can join your channel without having to deal with a standalone IRC client.This is what we will spend the rest of this page talking about.

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